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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hash biotech selected by UN to promote spirulina

To realize its ambition of a world free of malnutrition and hunger, IIMSAM joined hands with Hash Biotech Labs Private Limited from the Republic of India. Hash Biotech Labs Private Limited which has been declared as an Official Working Partner and Technology Facilitator by the IIMSAM, shall help the organization carry and secure its mandate in India and South Asia- a region that has the worst malnutrition statistics in the world.
Spirulina that was declared as the best food for the future by the United Nations World Food Conference in the year 1974 holds tremendous potential to eradicate malnutrition, achieve food security and bridge health divide.
Hash Biotech Labs is part of the Hash Group of Companies which is led by young entrepreneur Mr. Vikrant Sandal who firmly believes that businesses have to play a larger and leading role in the 21st century sustainable development agenda. The young scientific team of the Hash Biotech Labs works under the able guidance of world renowned scientist Dr. Surendra Singh who has done significant and exemplary work in the field of micro-algal research.
IIMSAM along with the Hash Biotech Labs and Kanwaljit Sandal Foundation is also developing an IIMSAM-KSF Model for Grassroots Development which is a self-sustainable micro-entrepreneurship development programme which has a specific relevance for the developing countries.
Initially to be launched in India and South Asia, the programme shall soon spread to whole of the developing world.
(H.E. Amb. Manish Uprety offering prayers and homage to Late. Mr. Kanwaljit Sandal in Dasuya, Hoshirapur, India)
(Spirulina Educational Centre of Hash Biotech Labs in Dasuya, Hoshiyarpur, Punjab, India)
Besides providing free state of the art scientific technology for Spirulina cultivation to the poor farmers, women and self help groups; the programme shall encompass a unique Spirulina-Buy Back Guarantee arrangement which shall safeguard the socio-economic interests of the farmers.
Spirulina cultivation has specific relevance for the developing countries as the size of land holdings is continually decreasing with the years
leading to disempowerment and loss of capabilities of farmers and small land holding dwellers.
IIMSAM not only aspires to make Spirulina a key driver to eradicate malnutrition, achieve food security and bridge the health divide but also wants to establish lasting capacities and capabilities at the grassroots that initiate a self-sustainable empowerment process.
IIMSAM specifically chose Hash Laboratories as the Spirulina facilities of the organization are in Dasuya, Hoshiyarpur District of Punjab in India which has been declared as a backward. Not only the very facilities shall provide local employment opportunities but would also establish the district as a leading bio-technological hub in the country and the world. IIMSAM recognizes the relevance of Spirulina to eradicate malnutrition and to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Our hybrid approach that has United Nations Global Compact as the bedrock recognizes the important role that businesses can play to achieve common goals; and our initiatives have a special priority for the marginalized.

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